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Online radio. The most popular radio stations
Online radio-your best companion for a good mood. Choose your music style and listen to your favorite radio stations collected from all countries and continents. To listen to the radio station click on the description, and to add to your playlist — press and hold hold for half a second. To delete a playlist click on the description and hold hold it for half a second. Listen-to your health!

The disco 90s

Disco Crash, Ivanushki International, Hands Up (Sergey Zhukov), Tatiana Bulanova, Irina Saltykova, Demo (Sasha Zvereva), Nancy, Akula (Oksana Pochepa), Virus (Olga Laki), Technology, La Bouche, Dr. Alban, E-Type, DJ Bobo, DJ Aligator

Retro FM

Favorite artists, old memories, retro hits

Radio Sputnik / Russia Today

Radio "Russia Today" today broadcasts to 160 countries in 38 languages 151 hours daily on short and medium waves, in FM band, via satellite, mobile telephone network


Remember how you shyly danced the slow songs at school dances. Remember how worried then! Stop the moment, you\'re beautiful!

Birds with one stone.FM Pop music

Rgularly the live stream on the Internet. 17 professional presenters, 15 Top DJs radio shows, 53 of the regular programme in an open broadcasting network, 111 star guests


First nishtyakovy! Paint, Arrow, Serge, Jackson, Aleksin, Beetles, Igor, Rise, Murzilki International. Slogan: "GOP FM - A human, normal!"

Faded Radio

Modern dance music


The music of the past century, descended from vinyl records, lovingly restored and sounding Hi-Fi STEREO. Radio "Melody" - all good remains!

Record Chill-out

It is not only one of the leading radio stations in the country, but also the largest event company, renowned music label and the main Russian booking operator in the field of electronic music

Monte Carlo (Moscow)

Fashionable music. Accurate and timely information in issues of "Russian news service". The light of the world music events. Gossip. Weekly broadcast. The presentation of the plates in the air and in the clubs

Rock FM

The format of the radio news and music. The basis of the musical ether constitute the best examples of Western rock 70-80 years, as well as representatives of modern rock culture

Echo Of Moscow (Moscow)

News broadcast: the news of politics and culture, press reviews, interviews with guests, interactive communication with the audience, the program authors on various subjects

Radio Record (St. Petersburg)

We love, support and develop dance work to a wide audience and do not seek to go deep into the underground or the pop. We believe that dance music is not only real, but also the future

Calm Radio

Here You will hear a soft, calm, not annoying hearing the music. Live found such styles as jazz, soft ambient, lounge, chill-out, easy listening, and the sounds of nature. All this allows you to create a unique and easy air

Silver rain (Moscow)

Nostalgic tunes from the 60s, burning disco 70\'s and 80\'s, hits 90\'s and, of course, plenty of musical novelties of the new Millennium "Silver rain" does not rely on any particular style. Superior quality

Road Radio

Music format is based mainly on the songs of Russian artists of the past 20 years


The radio station sound hits of yesteryear

The atmosphere

Lounge Radio Atmosphere/Lounge radio

Novoe Chistoe Radio

Modern rock, Brit pop rock, indie and classic rock aimed at Russian-speaking audience of listeners aged 25-45 years and above.

Radio RUSSIAN Songs

Russian popular music without leading! A minimum of advertising - only Russian hits!

Radio Melodia (Ivano-Frankivsk)

Soulful music and the transmission of the last century

Russkoe Radio Ukraine

The best songs in Russian!



White Radio

This is music that creates a better background for daily activities, the music for a comfortable and enjoyable listening experience. Berezniki

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