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Online radio. The most popular radio stations
Online radio-your best companion for a good mood. Choose your music style and listen to your favorite radio stations collected from all countries and continents. To listen to the radio station click on the description, and to add to your playlist — press and hold hold for half a second. To delete a playlist click on the description and hold hold it for half a second. Listen-to your health!

Rock FM

The format of the radio news and music. The basis of the musical ether constitute the best examples of Western rock 70-80 years, as well as representatives of modern rock culture

Novoe Chistoe Radio

Modern rock, Brit pop rock, indie and classic rock aimed at Russian-speaking audience of listeners aged 25-45 years and above.

Rock FM Ukraine. It Rock!

The basis of the musical ether constitute the best examples of Western rock 60-90-ies, as well as representatives of modern rock culture


This is the first radio station for bikers and bikers dedicated to the biker culture and music

Radio Cafe

RADIO CAFE created as a rock radio station, which broadcast sounds of indie rock, synth-pop and a popular rock music of the late XX-th and beginning of XXI-th century

My Radio Russian Rock

Around the clock the air is filled with the best songs of the Nautilus-Pompilius, Alice, Viktor Tsoi, Agatha Christie, DDT, Chaif and many other popular artists

Our Radio

Best hits of Russian rock and pop-rock on the waves of Nashe radio

Radio VBC

Music format - rock, pop-rock. "SMS-Parade" every day from 20 to 21

Radio ROKS - Rock-Ballads

The best rock songs from Radio ROKS, no ads and unnecessary words

Express Radio

Important and interesting news, information, and analytical programs, reviews of sports events, interviews and concerts live

Rock Arsenal

Classic rock 60-80-ies of the seasoned rock-n-roll and Blues of the 50\'s


On JUST ROCK plays the best rock music, from quiet ballads to energetic alternative compositions

Our Radio 2.0

Best hits of Russian rock and pop-rock on the waves of Our radio 2.0!

Nashe Radio (Perm)

Best hits of Russian rock and pop-rock on the waves of Our radio! "Hurry!"


RP是一个融合的多种风格和类型的音乐,经过精心挑选和混合由两个真正的人类。 你"我听到现代经典摇滚,世界音乐、电子、甚至有点古典音乐和爵士乐. 什么你赢得了"t听到的都是随机计算机生成的播放列表或令人麻木的广告

MyRadio - Punk

Online radio Punk completely independent from FM radio stations on the Internet. Broadcast 24 hours a day sound of real music in a Punk style


Combines alternative, powerful and bold music as well as interactive programs

Radio Spring

Spring is radio for people with good taste, intelligent, active, interested in what is happening around

Radio Shock

The best of new and favorite music, interesting transmission hour live

YE Radio

Songs from the band Leningrad Sergei Shnurov

ETN Radio (Ryazan)

The first national Dark radio. Musical Internet radio station dedicated to domestic and Western music Dark-styles and submarine Post Industrial


Musical entertainment project for fans of creativity of Vladimir Kuzmin

Quiet Flows The Don

Russian rock music, with a large number of local groups. Broadcast local news, entertainment, charts

Tengri FM

We broadcast programs of own production Among them projects on new and already classic rock music, educational projects, Finance and sports, about modern technology and business cards national and international projects

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