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Help for the section: my programs
This section displays folders, your healing programs and orders for them, if any.
Programs can be added to this section in several ways. The first way is to select these programs from several databases of healing frequencies on the home page of this service. There you need to click on any of the three lists (Programs according to Rife and Schmidt, General strengthening programs, Individual programs), select the programs you need from the list, and then save them by clicking on the "Save" button.
The second way is to find the required program in "Frequency Search". On the page of the program you have chosen, there will be a link to save it in your account. The third way to add a program to this section is individual selection of voice frequencies directly to your body. The fourth way is to create your own program in "Editor". After saving, it will also appear in this section.
Programs from this section can be listened to in the frequency synthesizer, edited and deleted. To do this, click on the program, and in the window that opens, select one of these actions.
Sending program
In our service, you can not only create and save programs, but also send them to other participants. In order to send the program, you need to go to the section «My programs», select the necessary program there, and in the window that opens, find the symbol and click on it. Another window will open in which you need to enter the e-mail of the recipient of this program and click the "Submit" button. This program will appear in the sent list, and the entered e-mail will be added to the list of correspondents, from which, at the next sending, you can select the addressee with one click.
The program sent by you will appear at the correspondent (recipient) in a specially created folder, with your name and your e-mail. The program sent in this way will be highlighted by the recipient with a flashing bell. The recipient can continue to work with this program, as with any other.
Folders are necessary for the convenience of distributing programs according to some criteria. For example, programs for morning listening can be placed in the "Morning" folder, and for evening listening - in the "Evening" folder. But first, you need to create a folder by clicking on the "+" sign, and specify its name in the window that opens.
Now you can move any programs from the list to this folder. To do this, click on the program, in the window that opens, find the topmost field "Folder", and then click on the name of the current folder. Another window will open where you can already select the folder where the selected program will be moved.
The folder you created can be deleted by double-clicking on it. At the same time, programs are not deleted from this folder, but simply go to the "General" folder. This folder appears in this section by default and is not deleted.
When you click on a folder, its contents appear. The choice of this folder is remembered by the browser, and when you open the "My programs" section, this folder immediately opens .
Folders that contain programs are also present on the main page of the service, in the "Individual programs" list. Each folder has the same name and content as in "My Programs". Folder selection is also remembered by the browser for convenience.
Orders appear in the topmost plate, if any have been made by you. For example, there might be an order for individual selection of frequencies by voice. The order can be activated or canceled, then it will be deleted from this table.
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