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Scalar coil
To live, in the language of physics, means to let
the cosmic energy pass through oneself.
Chizhevsky A.L.
Dear listeners! We are pleased to present another useful tool for accompanying the healing process — the scalar coil. Among the advantages of this device are external control from a smartphone or computer and a remote location from the user, which allows you to be not tied to him. This device can be an additional tool to the treatment method prescribed by the doctor.
The scalar field acts on the body by restoring the electrical charge of erythrocytes, which make up a quarter of all cells in the human body, and lymph. Due to this, the mobility (current) of erythrocyte and lymph cells is enhanced, which, in turn, reduces or even completely removes congestion. The carrier frequency of 27.12 MHz, which is used in the coil, is officially approved for electromagnetic therapy devices, and its modulation enhances the effectiveness of the impact on certain organs or systems of a person. The emitter in this device is a wooden platform, which is a system of an open condenser that simulates natural fields.
Read more about the scalar coil here.
This is a scientific non-profit project. However, we can make several of these devices especially for you. Link to order.
Instrument Specifications
Enabling scalar coil
The device must be connected to the mains using a 12V adapter, the cord from which is inserted into the coil body. Then turn it on by pressing the power button. After that, a blue light should start blinking quickly (4 times per second) on the coil panel. This means that the device is ready for use and it is now possible to broadcast frequencies to it using one of the methods.
Control Methods
There are two ways to control and connect the scalar coil. The first method is the simplest and allows you to control the coil from your smartphone, but has a limited frequency range, and the second is more complicated, but covers almost the entire range of healing frequencies.
1. Connect using Bluetooth and smartphone software.
This method is the simplest and allows you to control the scalar coil from a smartphone, which allows you to transmit frequencies to it from the range: 2 Hz - 20 kHz, which covers 90% of the frequency base R. Rife, P. Schmidt and other famous authors. To test this possibility, first you need enable Bluetooth in your phone settings.
In this case, the following should appear among the devices connected to your bluetooth: MH-M18 or XFW-M18 . You need to click on it to activate. At the same time, on the coil, the blue light will stop blinking and will light up without blinking, which will mean that the coil is connected to your smartphone. Your smartphone will remember these actions and the next time you connect the scalar coil, it will be enough just to turn on the bluetooth or the play button in the program, which we will discuss further.
Note. In some cases, bluetooth may not immediately recognize and activate the desired device. In this case, you need to turn on and off the bluetooth several times, and then reactivate the MH-M18 device. Activation needs to be done only once, the smartphone will remember this device and will not need to do this with the next connections.
If the bluetooth connection was successful, then you can now play frequencies through a smartphone or computer. There are also two options here: generate frequencies using this site, or install a program for your smartphone. Next, we will describe these two options.
1. Open synthesizer and select in its settings: "Playback" - "coil". Set the volume to maximum on the side panel of your smartphone. Click "Play" to start exposure. This option is the simplest and no longer requires any additional programs or devices. All your programs are saved in this service, it is also a generator of these frequencies.
2. If you have chosen the second option, then for it you will need to install a smartphone program that will generate the necessary frequencies. This action will also need to be performed only once. To do this, go to the store of your smartphone, for example, in the Play Market, Google Play, Apple Store etc., and there type in the search box "tone generator". You will be offered several dozen programs for installation, of which, in principle, you can install any, but we still recommend an app called: "Tone Generator Ex" from the author of "Enzo A.C. Lee".
In this program, using the three knobs on the main panel, you need to enter the required frequency and press the play button. At the same time, a green light should light up on the scalar coil, and a blue one will start blinking slowly (1 time per second), which means data transfer to it from a smartphone. With the help of the horizontal slider for changing the volume, you can change the radiation power of the coil field, but it is still better to set this slider to the extreme right position. Conveniently, this program has a program memory and a timer for setting the session duration. If you want to turn off the coil yourself, just press the play button again. The green light should go out. In general, the green light is responsible for indicating the scalar field: when it is lit, the field is present.
Very important! When you use these methods, do not forget to turn the volume of your smartphone to maximum. This will allow the frequency to be transmitted from it to the coil as accurately as possible. If the volume is insufficient, the green light will not light up and the required scalar field will not appear.
Addition. If you want to broadcast frequencies not from a smartphone, but from a computer, and it has a built-in bluetooth, then this method is suitable in this case as well. Settings for a computer are done in much the same way. For a good connection, the general volume on the computer should also be set to maximum.
2. Connect using Spooky2 program and generator.
This method allows you to broadcast almost the entire frequency range to a scalar coil, but it requires more effort and money for such a connection. To do this, you must have installed the program Spooky2 and a special generator whose output is connected to a scalar coil using BNC-cable. The minimum set for Spooky2 and scalar coil operation is here.
Spooky2 selects the appropriate programs and starts playing them.
Note. When streaming to the reel via bluetooth, the Spooky cord must be unplugged. And vice versa, when the broadcast to the reel comes from Spooky, then either bluetooth or the program on the smartphone must be disabled.
Fixture location
The scalar coil is located at a distance of 30-50 cm from the user. A more precise location is chosen by the user depending on his feelings. If the field of the coil is uncomfortable, which is very rare, then it is better to place it further away. If this field is well tolerated, then the device can be positioned at a closer distance.
To place an order for the delivery of a scalar coil, you can on this page
Best regards, project team.
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