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About our service

The section is devoted to the correct use of the bioresonance frequency synthesizer when choosing, listening to and saving healing programs.

My programs

Here's how to effectively manage this partition: search, add, send and remove programs, organize them into folders for convenience

Program editor

In our service it is possible to create your own healing programs. This section is about the rules for creating them for best results.

My data

Filling in the data from this section will allow you to receive biorhythm forecasts and use the "Adaptive Frequencies" service, connected on the main page of our service. In addition, here you can change the password, and choose the name of your brand.

My groups

Our service offers its own social network, where the burning problems of our customers are solved. This section offers a description of the group's features, joining it, setting up and using it.

Selection of healing frequencies

Here are recommendations and a method for selecting individual frequencies for your body

My biorhythms

The method of using this section allows you to calculate your own biorhythms and optimize your schedule based on them

Affiliate program

Here are the conditions and rewards for using the affiliate program
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