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The new version of the synthesizer and the news of the site
Dear listeners. Our project is constantly developing and improving. Therefore, the work of another section will be quite logical, in which we will tell you about new versions of the synthesizer and new products for the entire site, starting from the date of its first version - 07/31/2018, from which we will count.
In our service, now you can not only create and save healing programs, but also send them to other participants. At the same time, a special folder is created for the recipient, in which all programs sent from you will be placed. Read here for details.
You can now create folders under My Programs. This allows you to distribute your healing programs in different directions or criteria. Read more here.
We have changed the program playback algorithm for the scalar reel (Playback: coil). Now, frequencies are selected in this mode strictly sequentially, and the duration of the sound of each of them is evenly distributed, based on the total time of the program. This allows you to more accurately run the program for device.
The biorhythms service could not ignore the biorhythms of a person, calculated by his date of birth. This prediction has been added to the My biorhythms section and can be used by you as a schedule of your opportunities for each day.
We present you a unique method of selecting healing frequencies for you personally! All you need is a microphone and a few minutes of your time. As a result, you get about 500-1000 frequencies that will harmonize your body for a month.
We've added one more sound option to play your powerful programs. Two sounds - "sound1" and "sound2" - are now available on the main page of the synthesizer, in the "Playback" field.
There is one more external tool to connect to our synthesizer - scalar coil. It accompanies the healing process and has unique characteristics of the field.
The base of bioresonant frequencies is supplemented with frequencies from Paul Schmidt.
Some programs have additional recommendations. Programs can be selected here.
Section program report created. It helps to navigate the most popular bio-resonant programs listened to by our users in a month and a year.
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