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How to listen
Listen to our synth bio frequencies can be standing, lying, sitting, in the bathroom, in airplanes, etc But its effect will depend on the quality of audio equipment it will be higher the greater the frequency range can be extended to right to tell you. Ideally you need a high-end amplifier and appropriate speakers, but real enough and simple stereo audio speakers. It is interesting that listening rate can be used even on headphones: according to the new science 'psychoaccoustic', any audible a sound with the ear causes a car to vibrate to the beat of all the internal organs and cells. Important-get your mind right, and is the most important thing. So sit back, relax, tune in and listen to the melody on health!
According to the latest accumulated data, listening is best organized in the following way. To the best headphones of high class, in which the frequency range is not worse than the 20Hz - 20kHz and the distortion is minimal. Good fit and external speakers and equipment of the highest class, to which also apply the settings.
The volume level need to choose the one which will not cause stress and irritation of the hearing, there must be a principle-everything should happen without violence. At the same time, too small a volume may act poorly and we need to find compromises. If you first listen to the program, the duration of the first session set for 4-5 minutes, gradually increasing them to 12 minutes or more. It is noticed that the configuration of the body under these vibrations and produce the effect is achieved with a 12-minute listen.
After a session you definitely need to be in a relaxed state for another 30-40 minutes, vibration and setting of the body at this time continue to work. Therefore, in the workplace or in a noisy crowded places, these programs to listen to is undesirable.
How to choose a program
The first base is 'Programs according to R. Rife and P. Schmidt'. Bioresonance frequencies were discovered by Dr. Royal Rife back in the 30s of the last century, while studying various pathologies. He can be considered the pioneer of all bioresonance therapy. Paul Schmidt continued to study this direction and thoroughly supplemented the ranks of healing frequencies. This base is completely free, but you need to search and select frequencies in it yourself.
The second base — 'Fortifying complexes' — differs in that it is focused on specific problems, in each of which programs and frequency series are already carefully selected. For example, the complex «Vegetative disorders» contains 47 subroutines and 391 frequencies. This database contains frequencies from programs according to Rife, Schmidt and some modern authors, which include well-known and audience-tested programs for improving mood, harmony, meditation, anti-stress, rejuvenation, relaxation and life improvement, healthy sleep, etc. It is constantly updated with new programs and frequencies. To access listening to this database, you need to renew your subscription.
By the way, about the «Fortifying complexes». Among them are several complexes for cleansing the body, with which it is advisable to start working with our service, and after that - move on to solving specific problems. Example.
The third base is your own programs that you will save to your account after registration. Choosing programs is quite simple - you need to click on one of these bases, and already there select one of the programs. After that, it will be loaded into the synthesizer and will immediately be ready for listening. You can (and even need to) download several different programs at the same time - this will make the melody more beautiful and enjoyable. Then press the 'Play' button.
By default, you are offered one of the popular programs, but you can choose any of the three databases.
All databases can be searched by program name. But there are two more options for quickly determining the frequencies you need: the service for selecting individual frequencies by voice and the service for adaptive frequencies. The first service allows you to select healing frequencies for your voice spectrum, which will require a microphone and a few minutes of your time. For the second service to work, you will need to enter individual additional settings in the My data section, after that, adaptive frequencies can be connected at any time on the main page of the service. These services are considered very advanced technologies and are especially recommended if you don't know where to start yet.
How to remove routines
Each program may include several sub-programmes. Sometimes they are not needed and any of them can be deduced from the list. To do this, simply click on its name in one click. Likewise you can remove any other part of the program. These simple techniques it is possible to form any set of programmes and subprogrammes.
By the way, when you click on the description of the program, the worksheet content, if it was previously restricted in size to save space.
Settings listening
You can have nothing to do-just to listen, because everything is already selected 'default'. But it is better to adjust the melody to fit your sound preference, which, incidentally, can be different for different programs.
The pace sets the average duration of one sound that can create the effect of fast or slow playback. Polyphony — taking a melody from one, two, or three sounds simultaneously. This option also aims to improve the perception of sound.
In addition, you can manually change the playback duration of the program in the 'session Duration'. Use this field to enter the desired session duration in minutes. After changing this parameter, the session begins again.
After pressing the listen button, a green bar begins to crawl along the slider, showing the elapsed and the remaining part of the time. You can click anywhere on the slider and the program will adjust to the time point you selected.
Sound design
This topic contains some natural sounds-noise of water, birds singing, etc. — which can make listening more natural. For this you need a slider to adjust the volume of the related sound. For each program can be tailored to their unique combinations.
These natural sounds you can listen to and separately from the program. To do this, click on the words 'Include only these sounds'.
How to listen to one of the frequencies
You can click on any of the frequencies. A window will open with more detailed information about it. This can be one frequency or noise (white, pink, brown). When you click on the 'Sound' will sound either the frequency or the sound corresponding to the noise. Separate chastota may sound for 2 seconds, noise — up to 12 seconds.
After selecting all the programs, you can 'Save' them to your account under your name. The name should reflect the essence of the healing course you have chosen, so that it can then be easily selected from the 'Individual Programs'. Your chosen session duration and tempo are also saved.
Editing programs
You can register and save your favorite program in accountand also create their own programs individually synthesizer, share them and even get bonuses!
Supported browsers
The synthesizer supports all modern browsers except Internet Explorer (Edge), which, unfortunately, have not yet adopted modern audio specifications. Also, before using our service, highly recommend to update the version of your browser. As used herein, the standard is relatively new, and the old version of it may just simply not understand.
The same applies to Apple iOS 15, which began to support the audio browser standard in Safari only from the 15th version.
The addition of a special dynamics of
You can influence sound directly on chakras or organs using scalar coil or special vibration speaker, connected to your phone or computer via bluetooth. On the computer, as usual, this site opens and the desired program is selected, and the sound is sent to the vibro speaker.
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