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Our site is dedicated to biological rhythms and the following bioresonant frequencies. Therefore, we could not ignore biorhythms by date of birth, which are calculated by a special program in the section "My biorhythms". There are three types of them: physical, emotional and intellectual. These rhythms (or cycles) begin to work from the moment of the birth of any person, and even - of any enterprise. Although official science has a slightly different point of view, it will be difficult to resist against numerous observations and studies [1-2].
Date of birth is the starting point for all three biorhythms and corresponds to zero. Each of these rhythms, at half its length, reaches its highest phase. Then it drops sharply down, reaches a zero value (critical point), and goes into a decline phase, where it reaches its lowest point. Then the ascent begins again, where a new rhythm begins. Each person is differently affected by biorhythms, it depends on the individual characteristics of a person, the level of his development, the social environment and other factors.
When one or another biorhythm is at the top point, a person is able to fully reveal the corresponding abilities. So, for example, a high value of the physical biorhythm increases the chances of winning in sports competitions, intellectual - to win in the casino. The most favorable days are those when all three biorhythms are at the maximum at the same time - feel free to put "all-in" on these days, shine with erudition in the circle of old comrades or register a profile on a dating site in search of new friends - you will succeed!
Three kinds of biorhythms
Physical biorhythm
The physical biorhythm characterizes the physical condition and capabilities of a person: well-being, muscle strength, coordination of movements, endurance, resistance to infections, etc. The active phase of this biorhythm is favorable for activities associated with physical activity, for example, sports, physical labor, etc., and on critical days, the risk of injury, the occurrence and complications of diseases, the appearance of failures in muscle motility, incl. when driving machines, mechanisms, etc. If you look at it from an energy point of view, then the physical biorhythm is a cycle of energy movement in the body. The duration of its period is approximately 23 days (more precisely, this value is calculated by the program). The phase change from active to passive falls on the middle of the 12th day. On the graph it is represented by an orange curve.
Emotional biorhythm
The emotional biorhythm characterizes the state and capabilities of the human neuropsychic system: mood, excitability, sharpness of feelings, brightness of perception, power of imagination, etc. The active phase of this biorhythm is favorable for creativity, immersion in the arts, contacts and communication, love relationships, etc., and on critical days, the risk of nervous breakdowns, emotional conflicts, loss of self-control, etc. increases. The critical phase is perceived very sharply, up to depression and psychosis. A person feels himself worthless, oppression and fears appear. He feels more strongly the meaninglessness of many things that have hitherto interested him. And if a person is not an optimist by nature, then the problem becomes even more acute.
But in the ascending phase of the biorhythm, a person is dynamic, active and cheerful. This is the time when a person rejoices at any little things, easy and pleasant in communication. This is the best time to expand your circle of friends, for example, by posting your profile on a dating site. Generally speaking, the emotional rhythm is the rhythm of the energy of feelings. The duration of the emotional rhythm period is approximately 28 days. The phase change from active to passive occurs at the end of the 14th - the beginning of the 15th day. On the graph, emotional biorhythm is represented by a green curve.
Intelligent biorhythm
The intellectual biorhythm characterizes the state and capabilities of the human mental and communicative systems: attentiveness, the ability to analyze, logical thinking, the ability to perceive and remember information, ingenuity, ingenuity, communication skills, etc. The active phase of this biorhythm is favorable for mental activity, work with information and decision-making, then the ability to predict the results of games and correctly assess any situation is high. On critical days, the risk of errors in solving intellectual problems increases, assessment of situations, decision-making, the ability to predict decreases, the speed of reaction and concentration of attention weakens. Generally speaking, the intellectual rhythm is the rhythm of the energy of thought. The duration of the intellectual rhythm period is approximately 33 days. The phase change - from active to passive - falls on the middle of the 17th day. On the graph, the intelligent biorhythm is represented by a blue curve.
How to read a graph
For example, the following figure shows three graphs of biorhythms: orange - physical, green - emotional, blue - intellectual biorhythm. Here we see that the physical biorhythm increases until the 22nd-23rd, and then begins to subside. Until it decreases to zero (on the 28th), this biorhythm has an active phase (described above), after which its passive phase begins, which lasts until the 10th of the next month. It is understood that in the passive phase it is better to save your body: optimize physical activity and not overstrain it. The same applies to the other two biorhythms.
A very important point on this chart is the green triangle representing today (the 23rd for this chart). You can evaluate the rhythms before and after this point, and form your schedule for a couple of weeks ahead, taking into account these cycles. Also, you can evaluate your strengths (physical, emotional and intellectual) for today.
Forecast example
For example, you need to organize a business meeting with partners. To do this, it is highly desirable that your physical and intellectual graphs be above zero, and even better - both at maximum. In this case, you will show the maximum of your abilities at the meeting and are much better protected from possible energy attacks. Finding the optimal date for such a meeting (or their range) is not difficult - just look at the graph of your biorhythms.
Critical Days
Critical days, when the value of one of the biorhythms passes through zero value, most noticeably affect the state of a person. Moreover, the most difficult is the period when all three biorhythms simultaneously cross the zero mark. On such days, one must be extremely attentive, restrained and refrain from complex mental activity; then health problems may arise, the risk of injury is high, any activity will require a higher concentration. Fortunately, such days are rare, since the periods of biorhythms differ slightly. All graphs converge at the zero point only once every few years!
    Study Materials
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  • Yu.F. Kuznetsov. Human biorhythms: physical, emotional, intellectual. Golden Ratio, 2006
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