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Dear listeners!
We present you a unique method of finding healing frequencies specifically for your body! You just need to speak a special text into the microphone connected to your device and make some additional settings for a more accurate search, after which our service will select healing frequencies for you personally. The whole procedure will take you a few minutes, after which you will immediately be able to listen to these frequencies.
Our method is based on the analysis of the energy spectrum of the human voice, in which each of its frequencies is a reflection of the internal processes of individual body systems. For this, an average spectrum is taken, in which the algorithm finds problem areas, and selects filling frequencies for them. Listening to the frequencies selected in this way leads to the restoration of certain defects found: your body gradually comes into harmony, which leads to its recovery.
How to use this service? Very simple. On the service page, you need to press the green button to turn on the microphone and speak the special text suggested there into it. The text is selected so that a person can pronounce as many different sounds and frequencies as possible so that the algorithm can create the best picture. After you have spoken the text, press the same button again, after which your voice will be played, and on the spectrogram you get something like this:
If everything suits you, then feel free to press the blue button for obtaining the result, if not, then do the above procedure again.
Which is better to use this service - from a smartphone or from a computer?
Any laptop or smartphone has a built-in microphone, which means that our service will work with it. A desktop computer does not always have a microphone; it will need to be purchased and connected to a special microphone input, which is now available in any similar device.
When loading the page of the service, the browser asks me whether to allow the microphone to be turned on?
Yes, allow. Otherwise, the service will not work :)
How can I test the microphone?
On the service page, you need to press the green button to turn on the microphone and say a few words into it. At the same time, the spectrum of your voice should begin to be displayed on the top panel (as in the top picture). After turning off the microphone (another click on this button), a recording of your words should be played back. If this does not happen, then either the microphone is not connected or is not perceived by your device, or the microphone volume slider in its settings is set to the minimum.
What does the special text to say into the microphone mean?
The words in this text are chosen so that you can get the fullest possible spectrum from your voice. This is necessary for the most accurate operation of the algorithm, which will select the correct healing frequencies for you.
On the service page, I am offered to clarify my indicators. What is it?
The service has a large database of healing frequencies that can be used for various deviations from the norm. For example, the service can adjust the selected frequencies, taking into account deviations from normal body temperature, pulse and blood pressure. You can refine these figures if you see fit to correct them. But this item can be skipped, then the service simply will not take them into account.
How do I get the results of the analysis?
After paying for this service, the program with selected frequencies will appear in the section "My programs". Right after that, you can start listening to it, and then treat it like you would any other program.
How many frequencies does the service usually pick up?
It depends on the received spectrum and additional settings, but the usual number of frequencies selected for you can be from 500 to 1000 pieces. Moreover, the intensity of each of them may differ. It turns out a rather complicated program, which can hardly be formed manually.
How often should this frequency selection be repeated?
Ideally, once a month. During this time, your body will have time to adjust to the frequencies you are currently listening to and identify new problematic energy zones.
How often do you need to listen to the selected frequencies?
Optimally - twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. At the same time, you can adjust the duration of the session according to your condition: from 5 to 15 minutes. When listening, try to relax, disconnect from all problems and listen only to healing sounds.
Sincerely, the project team.
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