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Ordering a scalar coil
Attention! We have received a large number of applications for six months ahead and cannot accept new ones yet. Please treat our small laboratory with understanding :)
Dear listeners! On this page you can order a scalar coil. Its cost is 250 USD, plus shipping. After payment you get a scalar coil and a year of subscription fee in this service. To place an order, you will need to enter the recipient's data: e-mail, phone number, first and last name, country and delivery address. It is very important to correctly fill in this data in the following form:
First and last name
(postal code, region, city,
street, house, apartment)
Number of coils
The application has been successfully saved under the number:
Server connection error. Try saving later!
The data received from the server is not in the correct format. Contact the administrator!
Data not entered or entered incompletely!
The minimum length of E-mail is 6 characters!
Minimum field length: Phone - 11 characters!
The minimum length of the Name and Surname is 6 characters!
The country of the recipient is not specified!
Minimum field length: Address - 11 characters!
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