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Selection of individual healing frequencies in two minutes!
A unique technique for determining frequencies by your voice
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On this page you can search for bioresonance frequencies and play them in the synth. To do this, type in the search name in your native or English language. You will be offered a list, containing: the name and description (if any). The transition to one of the programs will allow you to learn more about it and to determine the necessary frequency
The list of programs
Inflammation of the fallopian tubesInflammation of the gumsInflammation of the incisorsInflammation of the jawInflammation of the jointsInflammation of the lymphatic glandsInflammation of the meningesInflammation of the mucous membraneInflammation of the nervesInflammation of the pancreasInflammation of the periosteumInflammation of the prostateInflammation of the rectumInflammation of the tendon sheathInflammation of the tooth rootInflammation of the uterusInflammation of the veins in the legsInflammation of the veinsInflammation of the wound edgeInfluencinum Berlin 55Influencinum vesic NWInfluencinum vesic SWInfluencinum vesical general (blisters)Influenza (mutates to new strains constantly but these may be helpful)Influenza 1 99 00Influenza 1957 A AsianInfluenza 1978Influenza 1979Influenza 1983Influenza 1989Influenza 1993 secondaryInfluenza 1993Influenza 1994 secondaryInfluenza 1994Influenza 1997, 1998Influenza 2 99 00Influenza 2003, 2004, 1Influenza 2003, 2004, 2Influenza 2005 fall TRInfluenza 2005 sweep TRInfluenza 2005-2006 TRInfluenza A and B HC (flu shot)Influenza aches and respiratoryInfluenza and Cold 1 (winter 01 to 02)Influenza Asian grippe AInfluenza autumn 1998Influenza avian exp TRInfluenza Bach PolyInfluenza general 1 (winter 98 to 99)Influenza grippe 1986 triInfluenza grippe 1987Influenza grippe 1988Influenza grippe 1989Influenza grippe 1990Influenza grippe generalInfluenza grippe vapchInfluenza haemophilus type BInfluenza haemophilusInfluenza overnight TRInfluenza spanish
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