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On this page you can search for bioresonance frequencies and play them in the synth. To do this, type in the search name in your native or English language. You will be offered a list, containing: the name and description (if any). The transition to one of the programs will allow you to learn more about it and to determine the necessary frequency
The list of programs
Mercury toxicity v💳 Meridian master heart (Pericardium) (Tjue Cheou Yin)💳 Meridian of the bladder (TSOU TAE YANG)💳 Meridian of the gallbladder (Tsou Chao Yang)💳 Meridian of the heart (CHEOU YIN CHAO)💳 Meridian of the kidneys (Tsou Chao Yin)💳 Meridian of the lungs (CHEOU YIN TAE)💳 Meridian of the small intestine (CHEOU TAE YANG)💳 Meridian of the spleen (pancreas) TSOU CHAO JMetabolism💳 Meteorological dependence general💳 Meteorological dependence with increased blood pressure💳 Meteorological dependence with low blood pressureMethotrexate toxicityMicrosporum audouiniMicrosporum canis💳 Migraine (removal of an attack)💳 Migraine hormonal💳 Migraine osteochondrosis💳 Migraine stressMigraineMigraineMold and fungus general vMoldMoles 1MolesMononucleosisMonotospora languinosa (homeopathic remedy for fungal allergen)MorbillinumMorbus ParkinsonMorgan (bact)Morgellons disease TR💳 MorningMosquito bite💳 Motion sickness (seasickness)Motion sicknessMucocutan perniciosisMucor mucedoMucor plumbeusMucor racemosis secondaryMucor racemosisMucormycosisMucous membrane inflammation generalMucoviscidosisMultiple sclerosis 1Multiple sclerosis 2Multiple sclerosis 3Multiple sclerosis 4Multiple sclerosis 5Multiple sclerosis 6Multiple sclerosis brain infectionMultiple sclerosis brainMultiple sclerosis myelin sheath repairMultiple sclerosis secondaryMultiple sclerosis stiff legsMultiple sclerosis tremor or twitchMultiple sclerosis vMultiple sclerosisMumps (acute viral inflammation of the saliva glands)Mumps HC (antigen)
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