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Here, a search is made for diseases and frequencies in sections that are provided by the international standard ICD-10. For some frequencies, this standard is slightly expanded and supplemented

All Sections :: Genitourinary system

Section: Genitourinary system
💳 AdenomaAdnexitisAdrenal glandsAdrenal hypofunctionAdrenal stimulantAmenorrhea (absence of menstruation)Anal itchingBed wetting (enuresis)BladderBladder (weakness)Bladder and prostate complaintsBladder sphincter weaknessBladder syndromeBladder TBC💳 Bladder, weakness, enuresisCatarrhal inflammation of the fallopian tube💳 Chronic prostatitisCimicifuga (plant family including black snakeroot and black cohosh)Cramps menstrualCystitis chronicCystopyelo nephritis (inflammation from bladder to kidney)DiureticDysmenorrhea (painful menstruation)Endometriosis 1Endometriosis chronicEndometriosis tuberylosaEnuresis (bed wetting)Epididymitis (inflammation of testicle area, ducts. See also Orchitis)Eustachian tubes, blockageFallopian tubes, restoration of patencyGardnereila vaginalis HC💳 Genitourinary syndrome of menopause (vaginitis)Gonads inflammationGravel urineHeadaches urogenitally causedIncontinence 1Inflammation of the fallopian tubesInflammation of the prostateInflammation of the tendon sheathInflammation of the uterusInguinal herniaKidneyKidney insufficiencyKidney papilloma (small, usually benign growth on a kidney)Kidney stimulation TR (specified by True Rife as may help against infections common in acute renal failure)Kidney stonesKidney stonesKidney stones, alkalineKidney stones, resorptionKidney stones, uric acidKidney stones, uric acidKidney tonic generalKidney, wrinklingKidneys, pyelitisMenopause symptoms TRMenstrual problems💳 Meridian of the bladder (TSOU TAE YANG)NephritisOrchitisOrchitis secondary
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