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Our service is not only a synthesizer of healing frequencies, but also a social network of a certain direction. In it, you can unite with friends on a topic that interests you, or a problem, in order to jointly achieve its solution. For this, the network provides all the possibilities: search for friends by keywords, organize groups on a given issue, publication and discussion of healing programs, and other text or video materials, communication.
How to find friends with a common problem?
To do this, enter in the top field keywords that describe such a problem, for example: ischemia, heart, and save this request. The service will select for you users or groups with similar queries, and publish them in the this section. You can accept or decline these invitations.
After the service finds a pair for you, and you accept this invitation, you will need to wait until the other side also accepts it. In this case, a merger will take place and a new group will be created in which both you and the other user will have administrator status, and you can fully control and customize it. For example, you can change the group's openness level - from completely closed to open - so that new members can be added, which are also selected by the given keywords. After all, the more people, the easier it is to solve the problem! New members will have the status of a user and will not be able to change the settings of this group, but they can publish their materials there.
The service can select for you not only another user, but also an existing group with similar problems. The merging logic is the same as in the previous version.
Group settings
If you are a group administrator, then the following group settings are available to you:
  • Group photo (background)
  • Group name
  • Group description
  • Programs for the group
  • Group visibility
To do this, click on the spinning wheel at the top right. At the same time, near the customizable fields, the wheels will also be highlighted.

Group photo

The background for the group can be changed at your discretion. It is desirable that the picture correspond to the topics discussed in the group. Photos are accepted in the following formats: gif, jpg, png, svg. Photos must be uploaded from your computer or smartphone.

Group name and description

The name introduces a brief topic discussed in the group, and the description - an extended version of it.

Group programs

In our network, narrowly focused problems are discussed, a partial solution of which may lie in the field of healing programs that can be added to the group. Also, one can directly discuss these programs, their effectiveness and the best conditions for their application. These programs can be added in two ways:
1) from the "My programs" list, which will open in the settings;
2) from search programs, when a specific program is selected.

Group visibility

This is a necessary setting, which, on the one hand, should make the group protected from unauthorized users, and on the other hand, allow interested users to join it. From here, the group has 4 types of its openness:
  • Private (friends only) — Only friends can participate in the group. Viewing the group is only available to members.
  • Closed, but you can apply for membership through the search — the best option when only friends participate in the group, but it is possible to join other users through an automatic search based on user requests. Viewing the group is only available to members.
  • Open, but group membership is moderated — the group is viewable by all users. They can apply to join it, but the submissions are moderated by the group admin.
  • Open, joining the group is free — the group is viewable by all users. Group applications are accepted automatically.
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