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This section is intended to save your data necessary for the normal functioning of the service. Basic data: your name, date of birth and password. Your e-mail does not change. Also, you can create your own brand name, under which you will be presented in our service, for example, in groups, or when creating public programs. Therefore, the brand name must be unique. It is created once and never changed.
Additional Data
Additional data is needed for "Adaptive Frequencies", which can be included on the main page. They are selected by the service and its administrative team, as the quintessence of all the healing programs presented here. Adaptive frequencies can be connected at any time, and each time their set will be different, based on the time of day, your current biorhythms, and other adaptive settings, which we'll cover below. Such frequencies are very effective for correcting all kinds of deviations, if they are applied purposefully. For this, subsections were created, under the general name - "Additional data". Next, we will describe each of these subsections.

Problem area

Here you can choose from the list one of the problems that are relevant to you, for example: Healthy sleep. Under them, the frequencies most commonly used in the service for this topic are selected, plus, additional frequencies are added from other verified sources. At the moment, two such problems can be introduced.

Temperature, Pulse and Pressure

These indicators are selected as an average value per day, if this is relevant to you. If these indicators are normal, then you do not need to enter data. According to their deviations, the service also selects the most common frequencies and correlates them with circadian rhythms.
Calculation based on rhythms is done on the basis of external influencing factors on our body, for example, a physical biorhythm or time of day - evening. It is typical for the first rhythm that during periods of its minimum, our body is weakened and requires support or additional stimulation. And during periods of its maximums, such support is not required. Our body gets used to the second, daily rhythm, and tries to adapt to it. But he does not always succeed in this, especially if you are subject to stress, nervousness, etc. Then our service selects for you the appropriate frequencies that correct these circumstances. For example, in the evening, the frequency series focuses on calming the body, relieving stress, and similar preparations for sleep.


The frequencies here are selected every day based on three known biorhythms: physical, emotional and intellectual. To activate the selection of biorhythms, you must check the box in the corresponding field and do not forget to save the settings. Also, you need to enter your date of birth, against which the calculation is made.

Circadian rhythms

The selection of frequencies here is done every hour based on the data of your time zone and some of its parameters: morning, afternoon, evening, night. To activate the selection of circadian rhythms, you must check the box in the corresponding field and do not forget to save the settings.
All rhythms, and frequencies to them, are selected taking into account your time zone!


For each age, our service selects certain frequencies. For example, for elderly users, frequencies are selected from programs for DNA renewal, repair and regeneration of cells, connective tissues, and the like.
For the "Biorhythms" mode and "Age" you need to enter your date of birth.
Some Questions

Where can I connect adaptive frequencies?

They are connected on the main page of our service, in the "Adaptive Frequencies" field. First, you need to enter the additional data described above. This must be done once.

Can I only listen to adaptive frequencies?

Yes, to do this, first clear the list of programs, and then connect Adaptive Frequencies. Thus, the additional frequencies become the main ones.

How often should additional data be changed?

They need to be changed when your state changes. Within an hour after that, a new frequency series will be selected for you.

Adaptive Frequencies Service paid?

Yes, it is included in any subscription renewal package.
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