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The new version of the synthesizer and the news of the site
Dear listeners. Our project is constantly developing and improving. Therefore, the work of another section will be quite logical, in which we will tell you about new versions of the synthesizer and new products for the entire site, starting from the date of its first version - 07/31/2018, from which we will count.
The problem of reproducing low and ultra-low frequencies, which are located below 20 Hz, has been completely solved. Now they sounded with the help of "pink" or "brown" noise, by its amplitude modulation. With the help of ultra-low frequencies, for example, you can achieve the sound of a tide of a sea wave, moreover, with a beautiful shift in different sound channels. Now the synthesizer can reproduce frequencies from 0.1 Hz to 20 kHz.
A new version of the bioresonance frequency synthesizer has been released. The sound became cleaner due to the smooth rise and fall of each individual sound. The synthesizer now works well in tandem with the "Editor", and new features from Specifications have been added to its parameters, in particular, Noise, which can be amplitude modulated and even decomposed into two stereo channels with a slight offset, which gives the effect of sea waves. This will allow you to play low and extra low frequencies, which are located below 20 Hz, in parallel and independently of the main Program.

The site can now work in mobile browsers.
A separate section has appeared on the site, which includes the following pages "Subscription", "My data", "My programs", "Editor". In "My data" it becomes possible to edit personal data, and in the "Editor" subsection, it is now possible to create new and edit existing Programs.
On the main page of the synthesizer, the background now changes when listening to the Program. This adds a certain mood and additional relaxation for proper perception.
Added section online radio. Radio can be listened to separately, like a regular radio station, or together with useful frequencies in our synthesizer. There this part is called: "Musical design".
Launch synthesizer of biological frequencies. The sound synthesizer, which was previously located on this site, has been moved to a special subsection.
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