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Scalar coil
History and working principle
The scalar coil is the result of experimental research, which our team from Russia, Ukraine and Poland has been doing for more than 4 years.
It all started with similar experiences, where the first unusual results were obtained that did not correspond to the classical theory of electrodynamics. Then came our first coil, which was examined on the Kirlian apparatus [1] at the medical center Madra in 2017. There, the first result was obtained to increase the energy at the place where the coil was applied. In some cases, the Kirlian apparatus showed a threefold increase in it.
Further research by our group showed that the effect of the scalar field is manifested in all living organisms: from plants to humans. The same result is confirmed by some scientists who dealt with this issue, for example, the experiments of Nikolaev G.V. [2-3].
The principle of action of the scalar field on living organisms, as far as it was possible to establish as a result of our research, is based on the usual Coulomb's law, when like charged particles repel each other. As you know, the body circulates two main (by weight) types of cells that form the internal environment of the body: erythrocytes and lymph. About a quarter of all cells in the human body are erythrocytes [4]. These cells have their own electrical charge, which, due to various external and internal reasons, can be lost, as a result of which the particles stick together and slow down circulation. In these places, the energy decreases, which is confidently shown by the Kirlian apparatus, and over time, various pathologies may appear in these zones. The effect of a scalar field restores the electric charge, which is its main feature; particles begin to repel each other better, the circulation of erythrocytes and lymph improves. In many cases, if the problem is not completely removed, then at least its manifestation is noticeably reduced. For example, with incurable arthrosis, pain can be relieved for 6-7 hours, which is important for such a disease.
In the method of influencing living organisms, there is a difference between the scalar field and the classical vortex magnetic field. The result of the influence of a magnetic field is considered as complex physical and chemical processes, including: change in the K-Na gradient, polarization or orientation of molecules, influence on the permeability of cell membranes, thermal effect or induction of ionic currents in tissues [5].
The scalar coil has been continuously improved in terms of carrier frequency correction, field purity and power, and ease of use. In the latest model, the carrier frequency is chosen exactly 27.12 MHz. This frequency is optimal and officially approved for electromagnetic therapy. The latest achievement of our team was the appearance in the coil of a wooden emitter, which is also a resonator. It is based on the principle of an open capacitor that simulates natural fields [6]. As a result, we got a scalar coil, which is represented by here.
Further improvement of the coil, and the very principle of influencing living organisms, is the modulation of the carrier frequency. The effect described above can be further enhanced by modulating the carrier frequency of the scalar field with some low frequencies, which are selectively aimed at any pathology or body system. They became known thanks to doctors R. Raif, P. Schmidt and other researchers. These frequencies are used on the site, from which they can be broadcast to our scalar coil via standard bluetooth. In the same way, any other frequencies or sounds can be transmitted to the coil, for example, Gariaev's sound matrices can be broadcast to it.
    Instrument Specifications
  • Carrier frequency - 27.12 MHz
  • Radiated field - second magnetic (scalar)
  • Field emitter - wood 134*130*9 mm, ash (see photo)
  • Radiation power - 1 W
  • Scalar Field Modulation Capabilities - Amplitude Modulation 2 Hz to 5 MHz
  • Modulation control systems - smartphone or computer, via bluetooth; any external generator via BNC connector, for example Spooky2.
To place an order for the delivery of a scalar coil, you can on this page
Best regards, project team.
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