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Series: Matrix of Health

Dear listener! You can receive a complex of healing frequencies by spending a few minutes of your time, then immediately start listening to them. It uses a unique algorithm for determining such frequencies from the spectrum of a person's voice. Follow all the instructions and get healthy! Details
After pressing the "Microfon" button, which should turn red, speak into the microphone clearly, clearly and slowly the following words (example):
As there is a student canteen at the university, I often go there for dinner after classes. There you may choose between different kinds of soup, meat and fish dishes and desserts. I often choose borsch for the first course and beefsteak for the second one. For dessert I often take stewed fruit or jelly.
After saying these words, press the Microfon button again, after which it should turn green again, with the inscription "Microfon off", and at the bottom - there will be a button for processing the results. Listen to the recording, and if you don't like something, then re-record this text by pressing the "Microfon" button again. If everything is in order, then move on.
To save the processed data, you need to
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There is no sound from the microphone.
Check the connection and operation of the microphone on your device!
You haven't recorded the sound of your voice yet.
Click the Microphone button, then speak into the microphone, then click the Microphone button again. Only after that click on the "Result" button
You have disabled the microphone for this page. Reload the page and enable the microphone!
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