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Name Akathisia
Description Akathisia (from the Greek "sit") is a clinical syndrome characterized by a constant or recurring unpleasant feeling of internal motor anxiety, an inner need to move or change the posture, and manifested in the inability of the patient to sit quietly in one position for a long time or remain without movement for a long time. In common parlance as a synonym for the term "akathisia" patients also use the word "non-admission"
Group Symptoms, signs and abnormalities
Class on ICD-10 R00-R99
Author Dr. R.Rife
Frequency, Hz 3, 7.83, 230
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Symptoms, signs and abnormalitiesБиорезонансная терапия. Частоты, Гц (Bioresonance therapy. Frequency, Hz): 3, 7.83, 230