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Program search — Hyperosmia (overacute smell and taste)
Name Hyperosmia (overacute smell and taste)
Description Hyposmia is a pathological weakening of the sense of smell. There is also anosmia - a complete loss of smell. Hyposmia can be caused by two different factors. There are two types of this disease:
Essential hyposmia is a local lesion of the "olfactory" zone of the brain or a lesion of the olfactory nerve.
Receptor hyposmia occurs due to the blocking of air access to the olfactory receptors.
It can also happen that prolonged receptor hyposmia can cause the atrophy of the olfactory nerve, rather than provoke an essential form of the disease
The essential form can develop due to head injuries, nervous system diseases, brain tumors, polyneuropathy, Alzheimer's disease or strokes.
Receptor form is more common in headaches, nasal mucosa injuries and in smokers. In the latter case, there is a constant irritation with the smoke of the mucous membrane, because of what it dries up, and in some cases it swells. Sensitivity of the receptors decreases or they completely cover with a layer of swollen mucosa. In this case, the sense of smell is reduced. Because of the toxic effect of nicotine, neuritis of the olfactory nerve can develop, which entails an essential hyposemia
Chapter Nervous system
ICD-10 class G00-G99
Author Dr. R.Rife
Frequencies, Hz 20, 146, 522, 10'000
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Nervous systemBioresonance therapy. Frequencies, Hz: 20, 146, 522, 10000