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Name Morbillinum
DISEASES AND SYNDROME: colds; rhinitis; cough; diseases of the ears and eyes; measles; skin lesions; erythematous lupus erythematosus; spontaneous abortion; The agent is indicated if there is a history of chemotherapeutic suppression of the pathology.
It is often used in people with allergic skin reactions to the use of codeine, barbiturates, aspirin. It is also necessary for persons with measles bronchopneumonia (viral bronchopneumonia) with high fever, otitis media, para- and post-infection encephalitis.
Such subjects are characterized by fevers, colds of the nose and eyes. They say "in the nose," they cough roughly, it is characterized by watery eyes. Grumbling and complaining child, with Koplik spots or similar elements. Common bronchial wheezing following macular exanthema, with a debut on the face and behind the ears. Strong squamous desquamation. Deterioration after the first infection of measles. Difficulty of perception. Common convulsions. Lachrymation, photophobia. Optic neuritis. Acute otitis media. Otitis media. Fluttering of the wings of the nose with snoring. Qatar. Rhinitis. Symptoms of Koplik. Small white foci, surrounded by a red areola, especially noticeable on the inner walls of the cheeks and on the mucous membrane of the jaws.
Hypertrophy of superficial lymphatic glands of the neck. The red throat irritating the stridorous laryngitis. Tachycardia. Cough. Diffusive rales in the lungs and deaf percussion sound. Purulent pleurisy. Bradypnoe, with convulsive breathing. Polypnoe with snoring and fluttering of the wings of the nose. The X-ray diffraction pattern shows a weakening of the obscuration due to the accumulation of the chylus. Paroxysms of dyspnea. Limited abdominal pain, in the appendix area. Acute mesenteric adenitis. Splenomegaly. Edema of the lymph nodes. Miliary, merging (like scarlet fever) rashes. Ecchymosis, hematoma. Pink spots, round and oval, of various forms, separated by a rim from healthy skin, disappear when pressed. Lupus erythematosus. Extensive inflammatory lesions of the epidermis and skin. Papulous eruptions
Chapter Infections, fungi and parasites
ICD-10 class A00-B99
Author Dr. R.Rife
Frequencies, Hz 467, 520, 1'489
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Infections, fungi and parasitesBioresonance therapy. Frequencies, Hz: 467, 520, 1489