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On this page you can search for bioresonance frequencies and play them in the synth. To do this, type in the search name in your native or English language. You will be offered a list, containing: the name and description (if any). The transition to one of the programs will allow you to learn more about it and to determine the necessary frequency
The list of programs
Papilloma virus cervix HC (smear)Papilloma virus plantar wart HCPapilloma virus wart HCPapilloma virusParaceliParadontoseParalysis nonspasticParalysis of the tongue (after apoplexy)Paralysis spasticParalysis, numbnessParamecium caudatumParamyxovirus (experimental)Paranasal sinusesParasites ancylostoma braziliense HCParasites ancylostoma caninumParasites ascaris HC (larvae in lung)Parasites ascaris megalocephala HCParasites ascarisParasites capillaria hepatica HCParasites clonorchis sinensis HCParasites cryptocotyle lingua HCParasites dirofilaria immitis HC (dog heartworm)Parasites echinoparyphium recurvatum HCParasites echinostoma revolutum HCParasites enterobiasis (pinworms)Parasites enterobius vermicularis HCParasites eurytrema pancreaticum HCParasites fasciola hepatica cercariac HCParasites fasciola hepatica eggs HCParasites fasciola hepatica HCParasites fasciola hepatica miracidia HCParasites fasciola hepatica rediae HCParasites fasciolopsis buskii adult HCParasites fasciolopsis buskil eggs HCParasites fasciolopsis cercariae HCParasites fasciolopsis miracidia HCParasites fasciolopsis rediae HCParasites filarioseParasites fischoedrius elongates HCParasites flukes bloodParasites flukes general (pancreatic, liver, and intestinal)Parasites flukes general_short setParasites flukes intestinalParasites flukes liverParasites flukes lymphParasites flukes pancreatic 1Parasites flukes sheep liverParasites follicular mangeParasites gastrothylax elongates HCParasites gen custom 2 TRParasites general 1Parasites general 2Parasites general alternative VParasites general comprehensiveParasites general short setParasites general short setParasites giardia lamblia HCParasites giardiaParasites gyrodactylus HCParasites haemonchus contortus HC
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