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On this page you can search for bioresonance frequencies and play them in the synth. To do this, type in the search name in your native or English language. You will be offered a list, containing: the name and description (if any). The transition to one of the programs will allow you to learn more about it and to determine the necessary frequency
The list of programs
Parasites heartwormsParasites helminthsporium (worm eggs)Parasites hookwormParasites leishmania braziliensis HCParasites leishmania braziliensisParasites leishmania donovani HCParasites leishmania donovaniParasites leishmania donovaniParasites leishmania Mexicana HCParasites leishmania tropica HCParasites leishmania tropicaParasites loa loa HCParasites macracanthorhynchus HCParasites metagonimus Yokogawai HCParasites nematodeParasites onchocerca volvulus HC (tumor)Parasites paragonimus Westermanil HCParasites passalurus ambiguous HCParasites roundworms compParasites roundworms flatworms TRParasites roundworms general short setParasites roundworms generalParasites scabiesParasites schistosoma haematobium (blood flukes)Parasites schistosoma haematobium HCParasites schistosoma mansoniParasites stephanurus dentalus (ova)Parasites strongyloides HCParasites strongyloides secondaryParasites strongyloidesParasites tapeworms echinococcinumParasites tapeworms secondaryParasites tapewormsParasites trichinella spiralis HCParasites trichinosisParasites trichomonas vaginalis HCParasites trichuris sp HC (male)Parasites trypanosoma cruzi HC (brain tissue)Parasites trypanosoma gambiense HCParasites trypanosoma rhodesiense TRParasites trypanosome brucei HCParasites trypanosome equiperdum HCParasites trypanosome lewisi HC (blood smear)Parasites turbatrixParasites urocleidus HC💳 ParasitesParathyroid glandParesisParesthesiaParkinson tremor temporary reliefParkinson"s diseaseParkinsons vParotid salivary glandParrot FeverPartial numbness in the lower bodyParvovirus canine mutant strainParvovirus canine type BParvovirus canineParvovirus new strainPasteurella combination
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